How to protect your online presence with probate and digital privacy


How to protect your online presence with probate and digital privacy

Protecting your online presence with probate and digital privacy 


Protecting your online presence with probate and digital privacy is important in today's digital age. When thinking about digital privacy and the distribution of your online assets after your passing, here are some steps you can use to help your process:

  1. Create a Digital Inventory: Make a list of all your digital assets, including email accounts, social media profiles, online financial accounts, and any other accounts or files stored online. Include login credentials, security questions, and any relevant information.

  2. Estate Planning and Digital Assets: Consult with an attorney specializing in estate planning to ensure your digital assets are properly addressed in your will or estate plan. They can help you create a plan for the distribution of your digital assets and accounts.

  3. Designate a Digital Executor: Appoint a trusted individual to serve as your digital executor. This person will be responsible for carrying out your digital wishes and managing your online presence after your passing.

  4. Use Password Managers: Consider using a password manager to securely store your login credentials. These tools can generate strong, unique passwords to help keep your accounts safe during your lifetime and assist your digital executor after you pass.

  5. Specify Your Wishes: Clearly outline your wishes for each digital asset in your will or estate plan. Indicate whether you want certain accounts deleted, preserved, or transferred to specific individuals.

  6. Privacy Settings: Review and adjust the privacy settings on your social media accounts, ensuring that you have control over who can access your accounts after your passing. Some platforms offer "legacy contact" features, allowing you to designate someone to manage your account posthumously.

  7. Encrypt Sensitive Data: If you have sensitive information or files stored digitally, consider encrypting them with strong encryption. Share the decryption keys and instructions with your digital executor.

  8. Backup Important Data: Regularly back up important digital data and files to an external storage device or a secure cloud service. Ensure your digital executor knows how to access these backups.

  9. Address Online Financial Accounts: Notify your digital executor about your online financial accounts, investments, and cryptocurrency holdings. Provide instructions on how to access and manage these accounts if needed.

  10. Review Terms of Service: Familiarize yourself with the terms of service and policies of the online platforms and services you use. Some may have specific rules or procedures for dealing with accounts after a user's death.

  11. Regularly Update Your Plan: Just like traditional estate planning, it's essential to review and update your digital estate plan periodically, significantly when you change passwords, add new accounts, or update your digital inventory.

  12. Provide Guidance: Leave clear instructions for your digital executor, including how to contact online services for account closure or transfer, and any special requests you may have regarding your online presence.


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